I've updated the descriptions to indicate which ones are complete as of 4-1-07.  If it hasn't been updated in a year or more it's marked as abandoned.

I'm still very much into Naruto fanfiction, so this page is going to be updated as I find new stories.
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Naruto Fanfiction
Works In Progress
WIP, my own story - Gaara/Sakura - "Will two strong and individual spirits be able to give up their private lives and future dreams for the sake of their homelands? Will they be able to make a marriage work or prevent war from engulfing both their lands?"
WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "“You can only hate someone whom you have the capacity to love, because if you are really indifferent, you cannot even get up enough energy to hate him.” Hate and love. Where is the line between the two?"
WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "AU. It is said that there is a flower for every occassion in life... but the most special blossoms are those offered to the ones who now reside on the other side of the grave and are usually accompanied by falling tears from the sky."
WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "Chunin Exam Inside the depths of the Forest Of Death, Sakura is unwillingly rescued not by the Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha, but by a certain redhead sand ninja"
WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "A series of oneshots set after Sunagakure belly dance. Views of everyday life in the shared world of Gaara and Sakura."
WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "Neighbors always hold walls between them. It's when those walls are knocked away that they are neighbors no longer, but something much, much closer..."
WIP - Sasuke/Sakura - "Sakura helps Naruto realize Hinata likes him. In return, Naruto suggests that Sakura try to make Sasuke jealous by pretending to date Shikamaru. Will it work? T for language. SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaIno, NejiTenten"
WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "Sakura gets on the wrong side of the lustful Kazekage Gaara one fateful day and tiggers a rather childish war that leads to Sakura discovering just how naughty Gaara can actually be..."
WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "When it looks like everything might be taken away, Gaara can at least be grateful that he doesn't have to meet his challenges alone. Now if he can just hold things together for long enough to figure out where Naruto went..."
WIP - Gaara/Sakura/Sasuke - "Every time I sleep…I dream, I dream a nightmare. As I arrive, she’s there, tear stained cheeks, red eyes rubbed far too hard and for far too long. Is this a dream? No...this is a nightmare."

Completed Masterpieces
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "A drought plagues Konoha, and the threat of war hangs over the country. Sakura is sent to Sunakagure on a peacekeeping mission."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Like the wind, erosion of any kind takes time, whether it is for rock or a hardened heart. Most of the time, you dont even know its happening..."  Hilarious ending...
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "AU. She left him once and it broke both of them. But now, destiny has arranged for them to meet again and this time, he doesn't intend to let go."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "A psychological war gets completely out of control. Lust doesn't cut it and love doesn't just happen, so how else can it work?"
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Throughout his life, Gaara has faced many trials... but none of them as challenging as a pink haired belly dancer.
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - Sakura as a jewelry store worker, Gaara isn't Kazekage - "One day they'll stop running and finally accept life for what it is. Simple moments of life hold the key to everything."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Sequel to About: Frustration. More Gaasakuness. Oh lordy."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Growing up gets a little more treacherous, as friendship, caring, and the rehabilitation of those in need eventually all boils down to . . . What? LeeSakuGaa triangle, just to confuse things."
Complete - Shika/Temari - "Nara Shikamaru, you will take Temari to be your lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, for better or worse, until the chauvinist pig chasing her is satisfied this isn't a trick. You may now scream in terror."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Sasuke's back, and put on a sort of village arrest for a year. But how will that go over when he realizes that he's in love with Sakura, and that she's going on a mission with Neji and Gaara, two others that are vying for her attention?"
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "He said it so casually, so off hand. It was like he was stating a fact about the universe. The sky is blue. The cliffs are high. He'll kill you someday."
Complete - Neji/Sakura - HILARIOUS - "To pass her jounin exam, Sakura must seduce the cold Hyuga Neji! Will she pass or fail? NejiSaku, ShikaIno, NaruHina"
Complete - Sasuke/Sakura - "Sasuke is still with Orochimaru, but what will Sakura do when she is kidnapped by the one person she's been waiting for? Will she risk it all to bring him back?"
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "A GaaSaku partial songfic inspired by the song Beautiful Disaster. Gaara and Sakura share a dance at the Konoha festival. First chapter Sakura's Perspective, Second is Gaara's Perspective"
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Phantom of the Opera Naruto style! Basically a Naruto fic with the underlying story of Phantom."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "AU: Slight GaaraSakura. In which not all things are insubstantial and shallow, and in liquor there is truth."
Complete - Multiple Pairings - HILARIOUS - "A selected number of the top kunoichi of Konoha have been given something that makes them a part in this event. They've been marked with a yellow ribbon around their left wrists. All you need to do is to get me a kunoichi and you’ll receive a prize. Go!"
Complete - Gaara centric - HILARIOUS - "Who said redheaded homicidal maniacs can't keep a journal? Sand Siblings craziness."
Shorts/drabbles - "Terrible scariness! Absolute parody! Piles of crack! Everything about badfic emerges and runs rampant! I should've put it down as horror, too."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "He's not so much of an enemy anymore."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Pre timeskip. On an escort mission to Sand, Sakura runs into someone she'd like to never see again. She just wishes she could actually believe that statement. Since when had he been so incredibly fascinating?"
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Sakura goes to live with Sasuke in Suna after he is banished from Konoha upon his return. Yet Sakura sees little of him, either of his own volition, or because the Kazekage keeps sending him away...and then calls Sakura to him."
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Gaara sleeps and dreams and wakes with a hole in his chest and an image of pink, green, red, and pale skin drawing him out and away from what he used to be. He finds her broken and covered in blood that's not her own. Will they ever find solace?"
Complete - Gaara/Sakura - "Sakura is sent to Sunagakure on a mission to train the medic ninja there. Yet, there is one little problem…She’ll be living with the Kazekage and his family. Will she survive long enough to complete her task?"

One and Two Shots
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - HILARIOUS - Equilibrium-oneshot, Sakura is cleaning house and has trouble with Gaara's gourd.
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Gaara and Sakura have an unexpected collusion. This starts the addiction... that will calm one demon, and instigate the other. Sets after the preliminaries of the chunnin exam."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Slight GaaraSakura. Returning to his village after being abducted by Akatsuki, Gaara can finally get to sleep like everyone else...if he only knew how. So, he asks Sakura."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Sequel to 'Good morning, Gaara'   Last night, Sakura taught Gaara how to fall asleep. Maybe she can also explain to him what he's started to feel."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "A place between sand and forest, between night and day, and a choice to be made. All I ask is for just one moment of your time."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Conversation about Sasuke, between Sakura and Gaara. One shot. Potentially confusing. A few bad words. 'Ware the crack-ficlet."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Sakura goes to suna to train the medic nin, and gaara thinks she can't do it. Maybe she'll prove him wrong."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "All that was there was her jade eyed stare, intense and hard, protective and sacrificial. And it was then that he knew that he loved her."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "She is his support, his comfort zone. She is everything he wanted and more."
Two-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "AU. The cold winds of the coming winter can bring the most unexpected things.
Two-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "AU. After a notorious breakup, Sakura wants nothing to do with men. At least, not until an exred headed flame hears the news and comes knocking on her door."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Toad beats slug. Slug beats snake. Snake beats toad. Gaara reflects on making possibilities reality."
One-Shot - Sasuke/Sakura - "They had all expected him to look like his father, the infamous Uchiha..."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Gaara fears that he might be broken when he is stricken with a strange & haunting kind of illness. He is trapped and can no longer distinguish fiction from reality. Is there no hope for him? Is he alone in this sickness?"
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "I've used up all of my sick days, so i'm caling in dead... when you just CANT get yourself out of bed."
Two-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "He didn't expect her to be the one to bring him his morning brew..."
One-Shot - Gaara/Sakura - "Being Kazakage is tough and Gaara feels the pressure. Trying to adjust being human doesnt make things easier. But there's someone who can help."

Good but unfortunately abandoned...
Abandoned - Gaara/Sakura - "AU Sakura is the sole heir to a multimillionaire firm, but when she starts receiving death threats, she is forced to hire Gaara, a dark and antisocial bodyguard to protect her. Will they be able to put aside their differences for a common goal?"
Abandoned - Gaara/Sakura? - "Temari's tired of a certain someone chasing her boyfriends away, and she plans to do something about it. Watch Gaara writhe in pain as she tries to set him up with girls of Konoha!"