Our new furniture!

So this past Sunday (7-30-06) Matt and I went shopping for a new armoire for storage of things we'd like to have easy access to, but don't want just sitting out (tools, my sewing stuff, etc).  What we ended up with after a bit of shopping around was a new bedroom set!  Below are the pictures taken at the store, our furniture is yet to be delivered, but should arrive about 10 days after we bought it.

What is missing from this bedroom suite is a matching bed frame.  The frame the store had for this set was awful, in a word.  The furniture pieces we bought below represent a very fine matching set, the details and language of the piece carry to each.  However their "matching" bed was nothing of the sort, so we decided we'd see if my Dad can manufacturer something to match instead.

The original reason we went shopping.  Built to hold a tv, as every armoire made today is, but this one is a little more specifically designed for that purpose than we actually prefer.  Since we originally want this for storage, it's shelving configuration is the only negative about this piece.
 Chest of drawers.  All the wood on the faces of all these pieces is crotch mahagony veneer, but it's adhered to a sturdy hardwood beneath.  All drawers are dove-tailed with dust pans.
 Dresser and mirror.  We actually wanted to get the taller dresser (not featured here), but the mirror looked like it was stuck on from a completely different set of furniture!
Nightstands.  Pretty self explanatory, we got two.
 And the runner-up, this beautiful armoire that we almost got instead of the bedroom set.  It's positives - Beautiful.  Interior layout suits our function better and it's larger.  It's negatives - $1200 more than armoire in other set, it's size (8'-6" tall), and wouldn't be able to easily match furniture in the future, as we weren't interested in getting the rest of the suite in this style (it was kinda... blah...)  Maybe in the future we can have something similar made for the living room...   *dreamy*

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