Full Metal Panic Fanart

The drawings on this page are original fanart of Full Metal Panic, and most of them are illustrations of fanfiction stories by a wonderful writer named dave-d.  For me to actually like fanfiction is a rare occurrence in itself, however his writing has inspired me to draw like nothing else ever has.  For that, I must give a big THANK YOU dave-d, for sharing your stories with us.  Since you have given me and many others countless hours of enjoyment, I thought my artwork would be the best way to give something back.  

Usually I post my drawings first on this Full Metal Panic Forum, in the Fan Works section, to share with fellow obsessed fans and to get feedback on what could be changed in my pictures.  It's a really excellent and well run forum and we have lots of fun there. (It's also where dave-d posts his stories first, so it's a great place to hang out when you're just dying to read that next chapter!)  Some of these pictures have come about as jokes or play on the forum, and I'll try to describe their circumstances as best I may.  Anyway, ENJOY!!

And below here are images that don't involve the FMP characters, they're just fun forum play
And one more picture, even though it's definitely NOT my own fanart, I don't have anywhere else to put it at the moment...  I screencaped this from ep2 in FMP then patched it together and deleted the background.
Sousuke is soooooo...... HOT!!!!!......   bloody nosed perv........

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