~ Sousuke returns after a mission ~

This such a ridiculously rough sketch I can barely stand to post it.  The characters look, in a word, terrible, but one hopes that when it's taken to a more finished sketch level that I'll be able to clean them up.  (mostly I hate the top characters, the bottom two look all right...)  There's also a question of composition - I mean, just look at all that white space!!  What the heck do you put in there anyway???  It'd be very mangaesque to fill it with like bubbles or hearts or petals, etc, but it just feels like such a cop out.  I think it must feel that way because I already filled the blank space on my first picture with feathers....

Speaking of composition for a bit, in writing it's so romantic to say and read that two characters hugged, touched cheeks, or whatever, but when you go to draw that....  Lets just say that the back of a head usually isn't indicative of romance.  It's usually preferrable to see both characters faces to some extent, so I've tried to show Sousuke's head in the top drawing like you're looking from behind his ear.  I might have to get my husband to model for me while I practice drawing a facial profile from 30 degrees behind the ear.  It'll be easy too... I'll just sit and draw him while he's playing Final Fantasy IX. 

This is a scene from dave-d's story Higher Education, however it's not actually a chapter just yet so I can't give a link or quotes from the story.  I'm drawing this on information he gave us about what's to come.
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