~ The Lemon Shark Mascot ~

The idea for this picture came about from dave-d calling all of us just dying to see a Sousuke and Kaname lemon "lemon sharks"

From dave-d (dd on the forum):
That will lead to CHP 15 which marks the start of a new day in the story.
Meaning... if things go as planned... CHP 16 (a leap ahead in time by a number of months) may be the one that the 'lemon sharks' have all been waiting for.

I happen to LOVE the term!  It's so appropriate!  I've even got a new nickname out of it, I've been officially designated LS1 by dave-d.  LS2, aka Avlor, even came up with an excellent emoticon for us to use! ->   Is that not the cutest thing ever???

I kind of cheated a redraw on this picture. You can't tell online but my original sketch was maybe 6 inches tall, and I didn't want to redraw the thing to make it fill 10" high (the height of manga paper.) SO, I took my scan and resized it, then printed it out and used the printout to trace from. It worked really, really well, and that's definitely how I'm resizing anything in the future. Why redraw it myself when the computer can do it for me?

The shark on the front of her apron is an adaptation of the mascot from Deep Discount DVD, which not incidentally is where I bought my FMP dvds. They have seriously good prices and I've never had any problems ordering from them.

This picture has gotten to the inking stage, and I think I'd actually like to try my hand at coloring her sometime.  Either prismacolor pencils or computer, I haven't decided.
This is the original sketch, though really not much changed between the two stages.  I altered the folds in her apron a bit so hopefully they're more realistic, and of course the shark changed as well, but that's about it.
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