~ Sousuke saves Kaname from an attempted date rape ~

This is a scene from Chapter 3 of dave-d's story Higher Education.  Previously to this scene Kaname has agreed to a date with a guy to distract her from her feelings for Sousuke.  At the club they go to the guy she's with drugs her drink with a date rape drug and attempts to take her with him and several other guys.  However Sousuke prevents them from getting too far away and saves Kaname.  The drugs have just worn off and Sousuke is telling her what happened. -

"Sousuke reached his hand out to touch Kaname’s shadowy face. “I’m sorry, Kaname. You should be safe from those boys in the future. I doubt they will act that way again.”

Kaname put her hand on Sousuke’s. “What happened to them....”"

Of course this is just the preleminary sketch as well, though I think even the finished piece will only be the one frame.  It's a wonderfully tender moment, doubly so because at this point in the story Sousuke and Kaname haven't made up their differences yet.  Sousuke still thinks Kaname hates him, and yet he still went out of his way to protect her.  awww..........    Can't ever have enough mushiness..... 
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