~ Their first meeting in 3 years ~

This is the preleminary sketch for a scene in Chapter 1 of dave-d's story Higher Education.   In the scene Kaname and Sousuke are face-to-face for the first time in three years, and it's quite a shock! (to quote the whole thing is quite long, so I've snipped it a bit, I highly suggest reading it yourself though!) - 

"She stopped, when she neared on of the buildings. Her eye had caught sight of some kind of movement. It had been fleeting, located off in the shadows.

Could that have been one of the terrorists?

......Kaname stepped carefully, back against the chill brick wall, pushing dripping wet shrubbery and low hanging tree branches out of her way. Water trickled own her neck as a result, almost causing her to curse out loud. She put one hand over her mouth.

Peering around the corner, she could just barely make out a crouching shape ducked down behind an air-conditioning unit. It was holding something up to its head.

Swallowing, she moved closer, quietly. Hand up around her ear, she strained to hear what was being said.

......The voice was low. Kaname had trouble being certain exactly what was being said. She took a few more steps towards the poorly seen figure.

......Kaname couldn't help herself. She knew she had no business there. If the speaker was some kind of operative, she might actually be in danger. But, this was exciting. It felt like the old days, when Sousuke was around. She crept forward, one slow step at a time.

"I have taken a superficial wound to the upper arm. Otherwise, I too am intact. My---" the voice stopped abruptly.

Before she knew it, Kaname was roughly grabbed and thrown against the side of the building. There was the cold muzzle of a pistol against her throat. How could anyone move that far that fast?

"Who are....... uh........ Chidori?" The voice was all too familiar.

It was Sousuke."

This sketch is only page 1, page two will be the money shot of Sousuke holding a gun to Kaname's throat and both of them looking quite shocked.  I want to do a severe up angle looking at the both of them together, but it's turning out to be quite hard to get their faces right! *frustrated*  Page 1 is also too long for manga paper, so something will have to give vertically, I just haven't decided how to recompose it yet.
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