~ Sousuke saves Kaname from falling ~

This drawing is based on a scene in Chapter 4 of dave-d's story Higher Education.   -

"As Kaname walked down the stairs, she noticed the black look those girls were giving her. She smiled in return, lifting her nose in the air.

Too bad, ladies!

Not paying attention, Kaname tripped over an umbrellas someone had left in the aisle. She started to fall.

She never hit the floor. Sousuke had moved ever so swiftly, catching her."

aaaaahhh........  so mushy......     Poor Kaname though, the very next lines result in Sousuke dropping her -

"Kaname’s instincts took over. She whispered. “You’re my hero.”

Sousuke dropped her.

“My apologies, Miss Chidori.” Sousuke looked away from her. The entire class was laughing loudly. Those girls were applauding.

“Don’t.......... mention........... it............” Kaname had acted out of instinct again."

I haven't illustrated that part, yet....

Clicking on the picture should take you to the 2X size version. 

And so, since I think it's as much fun sharing the process that got me to the result as the result itself, below are the intermediate stages of this picture.
The beginning sketch in my sketchbook.  At this point I wasn't trying to figure out the layout exactly, but rather what each frame should have in it.  Basic anatomy and any problems are worked out in this stage (ideally).
Transfer to high quality manga paper, still pencil.  At this point I decided the layout and redrew the characters.  I changed Kaname's figure a bit to have her turned more toward Sousuke, the sketch had her originally as a simple profile but that just didn't feel natural enough (I think).  The frame of Kaname tripping I actually traced from my original sketch since I felt it was fine and didn't require alteration.
Inked stage on the high quality manga paper.   I use my old Micron pens from my Architecture classes to trace over their lines and fill their hair.  Once the basic trace is done I go over certain areas again to give the lines varying thicknesses and body.  After that I scan the picture in at 300dpi and touch up the black lines in Photoshop, then add all the screentones and shading, resulting in the picture up top!
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