I've updated the descriptions to indicate which ones are complete as of 3-28-07.  If it hasn't been updated in a year or more it's marked as abandoned.

Full Metal Panic Fanfiction
Complete - "After Kaname and Sousuke helped save the TDD-1 from Gauron, Sousuke was reassigned. Years later, going to Tokyo University, Kaname ran into a familiar face."  Fanart by me here!
Complete - "Kaname and Sousuke fight for their future against a seemingly invincible foe... But, then, Kaname discovers a way to win."
Complete - "Kaname always believed that if they became a couple, things would be perfect. But why can’t she even admit about the relationship to her closest friends? And why does Sousuke seem to be taking her wish for secrecy so hard?"
Complete - "The design and execution of the trap had been flawless. It should have been safe. Or so Sagara Sousuke thought until it exploded in Kaname's face."
One-shot - "Kaname awakes one morning to discover Sousuke gone. Angry and getting sick, she waits for him to return."