So....  I love this scene from the manga, and I had so much fun editing the Tessa picture together that I thought I'd try my had at this one.  It looks like it will be both easier and harder than the Tessa one - gradients will be MUCH easier to replace, the hard part will be trying to fill in the black lines and complete the drawing in the blank areas.

Oh happy day, it's done!!  Not that I didn't enjoy working on it, but now that I have a job I have SO much less time for such hobbies, and these peice together projects are incredibly time consuming.  But anyway, hope you all like it, this is one of my absolute favorite scenes in the manga, it's so sweet!  

I chose to leave the dialogue bubbles in the drawing for a couple of reasons - first, it would have been a royal PITA to try and remove the one over Sousuke's face (I have a REAL problem with the placement of dialogue bubbles in this manga, it's my only gripe.  I swear it seems like if it's at all possible the dialogue bubble will be placed directy ON the character's face, so aggrivating!)  Second is that IMO this scene just wouldn't make too much sense without the dialogue between them, and I wanted to keep the images of the two of them on the left.

So there you go!  Directly below is the very preliminary before image, and under it is the after image and the background links.  ENJOY!!!!!!


And after

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