So.... I finally got around to making some images from volume 9 into backgrounds, hope everyone likes them!  This volume is the last with Retsu Tateo as the artist, so I won't have much else to add to this website.  If there are future volumes of FMP manga with a different artist, I might start a new page just for them.  As is, this page is pretty complete.  Hope you enjoy!


Click on the pic to see the before
and after and get the wallpapers

I've included only high resolution scans here, you're certainly welcome to resize them if you want, but with Windows at least you can simply select the "stretch" option when choosing a wallpaper, and if the image is larger than your screen it will shrink it down automatically.  You only need to download the largest wallpaper that's proportional to the size you want.  (so in the future you always have the highest resolution image!)

4/3 = 1.333 = 800x600 = 1024x768 = 1152x864 = 1280x960 = 1600x1200
5/4 = 1.25 = 1280x1024

Something I don't intend to do is make any wallpapers of ANYTHING mecha.  I deeply apologize to those fans who like mecha, but... I HATE them with the burning passion of a thousand suns...  for me, mecha in any anime or manga are to be tolerated, and ignored if at all possible.  They're just.... so.... stupid....  I could probably write an extensive essay on why I hate them, but for now my succinct answer is that they're unbelivably stupid and outrageously impossible fantasies posing as science fiction.  Most things I can forgive for the sake of suspended disbelief, but mecha cross every line of logic I can think up, and in their presence my suspended disbelief crumbles.  

For me it really says something about the story quality if I like it despite there being mecha.  FMP manga doesn't really have that much mecha anyway, so the characters by far make up for it.  But anyway... yeah.... Enjoy the pics!!!

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