My attempt to draw Ranma and Akane - I've been practicing Rumiko Takahashi's style a bit because I just LOVE these two, and I want to practice creating pretty fanart of them.  I can tell I still need to work on it a bit, but overall I'm pretty happy with this picture.  One thing that REALLY frustrates me is that I tried and tried to make Ranma's hands proportional to his body - a person's hand is big enough to cover their face, and men's hands are really big - but I still think they turned out too small!!  The form is good, but proportionally too small.   Especially his hand on her head, I did not want to cheap out and not show it at all, I need practice drawing hands, but ergh!  I'm doing the line art of this in Photoshop now, and when I get to that part I'll fix it and make his hands larger.  If I tried to redo the original sketch itself the paper would probably be ruined from all the erasing, it's close to it now.  This picture is really different for me, and I feel like I learned a lot doing it.  I've never actually drawn two people so entertwined but I'm definitely going to draw some more, it was tons of fun.

As for why they're nude.... well.... I originally just started drawing their forms, but when I got about halfway done it occurred to me, why put clothes on them at all?    Let your imagination be your guide as to what's exactly happening here...  I didn't draw it with any particular scenario in mind except for them being in a loving embrace.  Perhaps I'll try to improve this pose again with Inuyasha and Kagome... *sigh*