This is the definitive, new and improved version of this picture, and not the crappy sketch that it was. It was suprisingly a lot of fun to clean up! I almost exclusively used the pen tool in Photoshop to do the entire picture, lines and shading. For those who know about the tool, I didn't just use the 'stroke path' feature, what I did was create the whole shape of the line as an enclosed path, then filled the path with a color. Doing this I could get very dynamic lines - I was striving for an inked look like you'd see in a comic book. It honestly didn't take that long to do either, maybe twelve hours total.  This picture has been used as a tattoo by someone (the comment at bottom) as well as graphical art for a RPG group (with my blessing.)

The concept behind my depiction of the Greek Goddess of Justice is that Justice is blind, so how did she get that way?  My interpretation was that she is SO dedicated to the equal application of Justice for all that she took her own eyes out rather than apply justice unfairly.  Thus in my picture she's offering up her own eyes as her sacrifice to equal justice for humanity.   In my conception of her as a character I imagine her being something of a zealous nut, but she is checked and balanced, as it were, by her mate the God of Mercy.  I think later I'll do some pictures of Justice weilding a sword...

A short history of the depictions of Justice throughout history and specifically of the ones on the Supreme court building can be found here.  Justice was apparently NOT blind in the original classical depictions, their interpretation of the Justice Goddess was quite different, as quoted from the above file -

"During the 16th century, artists increasingly showed Justice with a blindfold. The origin of the blindfold is unclear, but there is some evidence that these early artists added the blindfold to indicate the courts’ tolerance of, or ignorance to, abuse of the law. Today the blindfold is generally accepted as a symbol of impartiality, but may appear in political cartoons to signify these other traits."