I just thought I might put up a bit of the work in progess stuff.  I'm cleaning up a very old sketch, but it's proving harder to do the angel than I first thought since I really suck at drawing men (but I'm practicing it more.)  The demon however was really easy to do, I finished it out in under an hour.  

In this picture I've really tried to make the line art carry the weight of the form.  Once it's shaded the light source will be the spear head, thus lines on the top of the angel are darker since that's where the shadows will be, and the lines on the bottom of the demon are darker for the same reason.

Since this is far from finished I wanted to include a little inset of the lines below overlayed on the original sketch.  Even though it's small you can still see some of where I've deviated from the original, in the spear, the demon's arms, and the angels wings for instance.