Jenny's Artwork

This collection of artwork spans many years, and most of the really lame stuff is from those earlier years, though I still like it enough to put it up.   My most recent stuff has focused on learning how to draw humans more, developing my personal drawing style, and trying to illustrate a story idea I have.

The greatest influence on my artwork has to be the Disney cartoon Gargoyles.  As american cartoons go, it was the one of the first daily cartoon to ever have a meaningful, continuous, consistent plotline, have adult characters who had real consequences to face, have GREAT voice acting (many of the actors from Star Trek: TNG appeared as regulars), and was generally palatable by people over the age of 8.  In many ways it was way ahead of its time since the show aired in 1992-1993 (I think), it was before Japanese anime and manga really took off in this country.  Anime very often does have many of the qualities I described above, if this cartoon was to be released today it would probably be a bigger hit, espeically with the Adult Swim type of audience.  Hopefully soon it will be released to DVD box set, and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys anime check out this rare american cartoon gem.  

I am also a member of the online artwork community Elfwood, you can visit my gallery and leave comments on my artwork there as well.  

Recent, within the past year

One to two years old

Just plain ancient

Various old (in fact archaic), copied fanart

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