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Good god it's been a long time since I updated this page!!! I've got a lot of new interests since I updated last, most especially my new Naruto addiction!  I think I'll be updating more, I want to get my website updated and fixed up a bit... it's too dusty in here right now...

2:00am April 1, 2007

This past Sunday Matt and I went shopping for an armoire to use for storage, and we ended up buying a whole new set of furniture!  You can see here:

I've also put together a small page with some pictures of the miniatures Matt and I have painted (well just mine until I can get pics of the others) and you can check them out here -

3:10am August 2, 2006

Well wow... it's been a year since I last updated my website.  I got a new job at a wonderful firm called Lemay Erickson Architects and have been working like mad.  I've also been working late many days of the week trying to get a porfolio of architectural work together so I can apply to a master's program.  

A lot's happened in the past year, we got a new car (it was so rainy when we picked it up, but it's still beautiful!) and got to travel to fun places, but really the best thing is my new job.  It's closer to home, pays better, and the work our office does is really amazing.  We do the most interesting projects, from churches to fire stations to mixed use residential, and the people are really great.

I have a few new pieces of art that I'm definitely going to try and scan in to update my artwork section, and maybe start an architecture section too.  

I finally got around to scanning the color pages and a few other images from FMP vol 9, which is the last volume that Retsu Tateo is illustrating for the series.  Sad day!  Her artwork is so beautiful...  Anyway, it just means that the cuurent FMP wallpaper page will probably not be updated any more.  Future volumes with a different artist, if they have color pages, will probably be made into a new page just for them.

The last volume had a couple of black & white splash pages that I thought were great, so I made them into wallpapers too.  Enjoy all!

3:22am July 25, 2006

Old News this way....